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Boom Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food and packing machine and related equipments and materials in China. It mainly makes up of “Boom International Company”, “Shanghai Boom Industry Company”, “Nantong Boom Machinery Manufacture Company”. There are special professional departments for different product service in our company, including Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Food Machinery Department, Boom Soft Tubes & Tube Making Machinery Department, Food Machinery Department, Injection Moulds Department, and Boom International Trade Department. Meanwhile,, we have established agencies both at home and abroad. At present, there are Boom Yangzhou Agency and Boom Xi’an Agency in China, and Boom Montreal Canada agency, Boom New Delhi India agency abroad. As a member of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association and China Oral Care Products Industry Association, we are engaged in researching, producting and selling food equipments and packing machines and related and materials.

Our main products can list as follows:
Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Machinery includes:
Daily chemical machine, emulsifying equipment, vacuum paste machine, filling sealing machinery, pneumatic filling equipment, liquid filling line, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment etc. Those machines are suitable for producing toothpaste, shampoos, soap and all kinds of skin care products, cosmetics, oral liquid, and eye drop...

Main products
  • Vacuum Paste MachineOur Zg Vacuum paste machine is a kind of equipment that is used to make Paste materials things, such as: toothpaste...
  • Stainless Steel ProductsOur Zg Vacuum paste machine is a kind of equipment that is used to make Paste materials things, such as: toothpaste...
  • B•GF-40 Filling Sealing MachineThe B•GF-40 filling sealing machine is suitable for automatically filling all kinds of fluid to soft plastic tubes and aluminum...
  • B•F-30 Sealing MachineThe B•F-30 sealing machine can automatically feed tube, orientate eye marks and is used for filling cream (paste)-like...
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